Saturday, August 28, 2010

Catching up!

Wow.. the start of school has gotten me behind with blogging. I am back! I've got to do a better job of it! :) Life is a little crazy with two toddlers..but I'm loving every minute of it! (well ..most of them... :))

Big Girl Bed

Liliana has moved up to a "big girl bed". Kevin changed her crib into a day bed-with a little bit of help from Liliana of course. She's slept in it every night since then without any trouble! We knew it was time to change the bed over because she had been asking to sleep on the floor for the past week or so. After she slept on the mattress on the floor for a week, we decided she was ready!

Such a Big Girl! She's growing up so fast and turning into a beautiful little girl!
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These shoes are made for....

Liliana has been busy the past month. She started taking dance classes! Her class is titled "Creative Movement" and she is having a great time!

She also went bowling for the first time this month. I had a Bunco night with the girls and Kevin and another dad took the kids bowling! From the report from dad and Liliana-she had an awesome time!
Kevin's statement was "the ball went down the aisle so slow that she laid down to watch it, and I had time to take 2-3 pictures of it before it hit the pins!" This is one of the most adorable pictures!!!!
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Birthday Bash

Okay..I know that I'm over a month behind on posts--so WATCH they come..

Here are some pictures from Carter's first birthday party! It was all about Elmo and he had a blast! He didn't get too messy with the cake-but he sure did enjoy eating it..and his big sis helped too!
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