Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crawling into 8

Well, Carter turned 8 months old last week (sorry..a little behind because he was sick and pictures didn't look quite "up to par" ) and he's all over the place. He LOVES to crawl after his sister throughout the entire house. Liliana will get down and crawl with him and they will laugh and laugh at one another. (you can see her chasing him in the back of this picture). He's eating puffs and cheerios and drinks from a sippy cup, says mama and daddy and waves (although it's not always at the right time yet!) OH..and he's pulling up on EVERYTHING! He loves to crawl to the bathtub and pull up and just stare into the tub-I guess it's just the right height for him?! :) Gotta love those big blue eyes!
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

22 months

Liliana turned 22 months on Sunday! We're getting so close to two. For some reason, being 2 makes it seem like she's no longer a baby and has hit the toddler years!! (and believe me...we've experienced a few of those "terrible two" moments already :) ) She's talking up a storm! I told Kevin the other day that she's a walking ad for Apple! Instead of putting "Me" in front of her words like most toddlers I know..she uses "I" . Her favorite sentences are "I eat", "I bath", "I outside", "I wash", "I do it" ...can we say independent!!!

One of her new favorite things to do (which just makes my day) is that she LOVES to sit up on the counter while I cook dinner (I promise I keep her far away from any hot stuff). She will sit and talk, color, draw, etc. and it's such a nice "Mommy and Me" time. Tonight, we had a little "Drum" lesson ! :) May be a little biased...but I think she's got some talent!

Monday, March 1, 2010

And He's Off...

Yep..It's official! Carter's crawling! He's finally stopped "lurching" forward and actually figured out how to do the "official" crawl moves! He's all over the place! I love to watch him grow and can't believe he's already on the move! And yes...he did just crawl across the room...turn over the basket of toys I JUST picked up and started playing so contently. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful, healthy children! I'll have to try to get some video of the crawling asap! :)