Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Carter's Second Birthday

We had a blast at the fire department for Carter's Second Birthday! Kevin climbed the ladder and let the kids play on the fire truck!

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Kevin!

I would like to wish my husband, best friend, and best daddy ever a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He's enjoying an evening with the youth at church at the Braves Game! Hope he had a great time! Love you Kev!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Family Beach Trip

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Silly Faces

from the cutest kids in the world (nope.. I promise I'm not bias!)

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Summer 2011

Here are some pictures from all of our fun summer adventures! Being a "Summer Stay at Home Mom" is so much fun! We've painted, colored our playhouse (thanks Aunt Michelle for the birthday present!), and played in our kiddie pools! It's been quite hot here lately so we've been staying inside quite a bit, but that's given me time to organize a few things and just relax with the kids! (forgive the quality of photos..they are from my phone!)

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My Cupcake!

The first weekend in June was Liliana's dance recital! She did such a good job on the stage! I was a proud mommy!! Here are some pictures of my little cuppycake!
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Happy 3rd Birthday

Behind as usual, but I'm going to be updating the blog in the next few days! Quiet afternoons after Vacation Bible School have made this possible!!! Here are some pictures from Liliana's Third Birthday! We had a "Ladybug" theme! She was very excited about having "THREE" ladybugs! Mom did a great job on her cake! We got a bouncer (also a birthday request!) and everyone had a blast! Can't believe that my sweet baby is already three years old! At her check up, she is still growing very tall for her age (80% percentile) and her weight (33 pounds I think..) is about 50% for her age. She is talking much much much clearer everyday, and her vocabulary amazes me! Her favorite phrases (most of which are copied from me! Yikes!): "Here's the Deal", "Mom, the problem is...", " He's probably over there" (adds probably to everything...)... and many more!

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Monday, April 11, 2011


We just got back from an incredible vacation on the "Freedom of the Seas" 7 night cruise! It was awesome and great time for Kevin and I to spend some much needed time . We shared our vacation with a great set of friends..there were 8 of us in all!! The kids split the week with both sets of grandparents, which made them have an incredible week too! We visited Haiti (a private area on the coast of Haiti owned by Royal Carribbean), Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel, Mexico. Each port was beautiful, but my favorite spot was in Haiti! It was simply gorgeous. We went up onto a lookout point and found one of the most awesome views! It made you sit back and appreciate God's handiwork! Pictures to come soon!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Like Father, Like Children ...

This morning Carter noticed Kevin's cowboy hats hanging from our bed post. He had to try to it on. He also, just happened to have on overalls, which made for an adorable picture!!!!!!! (don't mind the mess!)

Of course, Liliana had to have a turn too!!
(Can you see the amount of dust on top of this hat...obviously hasn't been worn in a while!)

They are growing up so quickly!!! Liliana will be three in just a few months! We are looking at preschool programs to start her in! She is so smart and loves to learn so I know that she's going to have a blast at "big girl school".

Carter is growing like a weed too!! He's gained about 3 pounds since Christmas!!! He' s also getting taller! Since we've gotten control over his Acid Reflux, he's eating everything in sight! The little baby who would throw up at the site of vegetables stole green beans from my plate last night!!! He's talking quite a bit-most of which I can't understand.. but sometimes I get a few sentences here and there! His favorite song is the "Veggie-tales" song. He walks around the house singing "bom bom bom booooooommmmm... if you like to talk to tomatoes"... :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Snow Pictures...

Snow angels with Daddy..
We tried to make a snowman..but it has iced over the snow and it doesn't do well for the snowman making...

Rufus' first sledding the neighbor's house!
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Snow Fun!

Making a snow man with daddy...
Well, we're on day 2 of being snowed in! (Kevin has been out I guess we're not snowed "in" ..but whatever) School has been canceled and it's pretty likely there's a couple more days of it to come! I have to say, while I LOVE spending time with the kids and hanging out..I'm pretty stir crazy! So, plenty of time to update our always behind blog!

Since this is pretty much my "baby book" and journal of what the kids are up to..let me catch you up to date:

The kids are doing great! Liliana is doing great and learning so fast! She knows her colors, numbers up to 10 (counting, not visual), sings her ABCs, and several other fun songs! She's learning her letters-and knows a few. For example, whenever she sees a "S" she says.. "SSSsssss SNAKE! ..Ewwwww!!!!" It's very cute!

Carter's doing great too! He's been sick the past few days but is doing better. We've been trying to figure out what's going on with his reflux. He constantly (Like usually 2-3 times a week) throws up and we'd like to know what's causing it. We're going back to the dr. at the end of the week to find out what's going on hopefully! He's talking up a storm and has a hilarious personality. A few words he says are Mama, DaddEEEE, Liliana (which he does quite well saying..), MawMaw, PawPaw, Lala, Papa, Rufus (our new dog), John Deere, Tom Tom, the list goes on ... He's started putting things together for sentences even! "I want juice" is a daily favorite! I love being able to communicate with him and watch him interact with Liliana!