Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas..part 1

On Christmas Eve, we visited my Grandfather's house and enjoyed dinner and presents with my side of the family. As you can see, we had a blast. Liliana is usually a little weary of my Grandfather (Poppy), but she's getting so much better about letting him hold her. I guess it's just because she's not around him much, but she did great on Christmas Eve. He did have to "lure" her in a little though with a "Sucker Tree". She loved the suckers so much she even shared with the stuffed Santa! She loved opening presents and wearing my presents (see picture with a hat and scarf on her head!). Carter racked up on some baby food/formula (YEah!!!!) and mom started both the kids with a "Collection" that she could add to each Christmas. Carter will carry on somewhat of a family tradition with a nutcracker collection and mom couldn't decide on Liliana's so she gave her both an angel and snowglobe. She so was sweet with the angel. She looked at it, looked at the manger scene that was set up nearby and went and sat it in the middle of the manger scene...wow...

More pictures to come from Christmas morning and Kevin's side of the family!
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Here are some pictures from the Church's "Winter Wonderland". As usual, Kevin was driving the hayride in the John Deere tractor. I'm pretty sure he had more fun than anyone! :) He was especially excited to let Liliana "drive" with him and take a few pictures on the John Deere with Carter! I think it was his "first" John Deere Tractor ride! :) We got to make crafts, eat cookies, and see Santa too! As you can see, Liliana was exactly a fan of Santa, but she didn't scream or cry so it wasn't too bad! We had a great time!
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The Wonder of Christmas

Yes, I'm a little behind on the blogging..but don't worry, I'm planning on catching you up right now!

This Christmas has been one of the most fun ever for us! God has blessed us with two beautiful, healthy children. I can't think of how life could be any better! We have a home, wonderful family and friends, and children to share life with. Each day I'm reminded to lay our lives into God's hands and he will continue to bless us in his plan! During this season of Christmas we reflect on the gift that God has given us through his son! The wonder of Christmas through the birth of Jesus Christ has been even more evident to me this year. Just little things--like how on earth did Mary ride on a donkey 9 months pregnant--I couldn't even walk, let alone get myself onto a donkey and ride for such a long time! :) While that is pretty funny--it's only a small part of the large miracle of Christmas! I love nothing more than to see that wonder through my children's eyes... I hope God has and will bless you and your family throughout this season of love!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Carter has started eating baby food recently. He's tried rice cereal, oatmeal, carrots, and sweet potatoes. So far, he's enjoyed all of those! :) He's quite an eater! (that might be why he already weighs 15 pounds!) He'll be 5 months old at the end of the week! I can't believe it! He's sitting up for about 5 seconds before he falls over :), pushes up, scoots around the floor, is rolling everywhere, loves to "talk", plays in the exersaucer, and laughs at everything! We are truly blessed by our children!

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Prissy, Priscilla, Piggy, and the Grandparents..

Oh! She got a chance to meet the Chickfila "Santa" cow too!!!
Here's "Piggy" getting a bottle and "Prissy" holding "Priscilla"!
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

4 months old!

Carter turned 4 months old this week! He's growing so fast! He LOVES to smile and we are seeing his little personality more and more each day. On Friday, we tried a little bit of rice cereal to see if he would like to eat- not a real fan of it...but I'm sure he'll catch on fast! He loves to play in the bumbo and jumperoo now too. He's got rolling over from stomach to back down pat, and its working hard to go the opposite direction too! We have a checkup on Monday, so I'll update with stats then.
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Friday, November 13, 2009

And the little one said....

ROLL OVER!!! Carter rolled over yesterday for the first time! Kevin and I were on the floor playing with him and we stopped for a minute to talk to one another and once we "left him alone" he got upset and turned over all by himself! I love that little boy so much! He loves to hear me sing to him, which is my favorite thing about him. The smile that comes across his face when he hears my voice can melt my heart in seconds. He's growing up so quickly. I will post some new pictures soon! The kids will be 4 months and 18 months old next week. I can't believe it! Time flies...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I can't remember how much I posted about this earlier, but Liliana officially has Asthma. We just went for a recheck with the pulmonologist yesterday. All of the medicine that she's been on (and inhaler and Singulair) seem to be clearing up the problems with bronchitis, upper respiratory infections. I'm so happy to have an answer and to have a healthy little girl. She loves taking her inhaler every nice and does a great job with it! What makes baby happy ...makes mommy happy! Isn't she adorable!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Rockin' Halloween

Just a picture of Carter cute shirt I got him for Halloween. I was VERY excited about the candy corn drummer!! :) He's adorable!
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Here's a cute picture of Liliana in her Halloween Costume!! Grandma and Grandpa took her to the church's Hallelujah Hoopla this weekend. We had a band contest and missed it! (BOO!) She's so very cute! I have some cute pictures of Carter coming soon but the batteries in the camera are on their last leg so I haven't downloaded them yet!

Monday, October 19, 2009

3 months

Can't believe it but Carter was three months old yesterday!!! He's such a great baby! :) He's laughing and smiling all the time and looks so much like his Daddy to me! Here's a picture of him at the corn maze yesterday...all tucked into the stroller and staying warm!!
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

More pumpkin pics....

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Kinda Corny?

We took a trip to the Corn Maze this afternoon. Liliana had a blast!!! Here's our trip in pictures... (With captions below)
"Uhhh...What happened..I'm all covered up!"

"Hey...there's some on my head too".

"Wee...that was fun...but dark?!?!"

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Happy 100th Birthday Nanny!

The past two weekends have been full of fun for us.... Last weekend we went to Kevin's "Nanny's" 100th Birthday Party! We were so happy to be able to celebrate this wonderful day with her. We took some pictures of her and Carter together--the oldest and youngest there. While everyone was taking pictures, she leaned over to Kevin and said "hey, tell them to save some for next year!!". If only I can have her spunk when I get old....

We also took the opportunity to take a "Moon Family Picture" while we were all together. The only ones missing are Bailey and Bryon.

And of course, since we were at Kevin's grandparents house---Liliana had to ride the tractor...only problem this time was that she wouldn't ride with anyone but Mommy!!!!! So....what would a mommy do..>I rode the tractor! (and it wasn't green....)

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cowboy Carter

Just a few pics I took this week... wow..he's such a doll! Kevin hasn't even seen these yet..he's going to LOVE them!!! :)

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sorry it's been a while....

I just realized that it was already October and I've fallen behind on my updates. Sorry about that...life has been pretty crazy. Everyone in the house has been sick over the past couple of weeks. We've finally pretty much gotten everyone well. However, the dr. is 99% sure that Liliana has asthma. Now, I wasn't that up on asthma and only really though that it was when you have an "Asthma Attack" ..but her's is more like wheezing, coughing, etc caused by seasonal allergies and/or sinus infections, etc. We have an appt. with a pediatric pulmonologist in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we can figure this out and keep her well through the winter!
Here's a picture of Liliana helping me get the groceries put up tonight...as you can see the little monkey decided she would rather eat than help! :)

Carter is getting so big and changing so fast!! He's up to about 11 pounds and is 11 weeks old! He has just started smiling and laughing at everything! He's become such a happy baby in the past couple of weeks!!! I just love to see him smile! Tonight he was laughing! Too cute!! Here's a picture of him in his "man outfit". I hate to put him in sleepers all the time and I'm so excited that he finally (Almost) fits his 0-3 months clothes and I can dress him like a little man --which I think it adorable!

And one of my favorite pictures of them both so far......

Don't let Carter fool you- we didn't capture both of them smiling...he's about to let out a wail cause he didn't like the way he was sitting in Sister's arms..but it's still quite adorable!!!!!!

I hope we can make it to the pumpkin patch this week--so look for some pictures by the end of the week..if the rain holds off!!
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

We're Swingin!

Liliana LOVES to crawl up into Carter's swing. This past weekend I went to put Carter down in the swing and Liliana wouldn't get out. So... I did like all mother's would-and asked her to share! LOL!! It was too cute so I had to grab the camera! Here are a few pictures from their "swing" together! Liliana is SO good with her little brother! Carter is getting used to her as well. There are some times I think he rolls his eyes at her when she comes to "see"him and kiss him, play with him, etc. I can't believe it but this week Liliana turns 16 months old and Carter turns 2 months old! It's so crazy how fast time flies.

Sunday night we enjoyed dinner with Jill, Aaron, and Levi. Levi and Liliana were HILARIOUS together! Levi had learned "bellybutton" and Liliana would pull up her shirt (Much to daddy's dislike) and let him show it too her. Now (thanks Levi!) Liliana "looks" for everyone's bellybutton and has also learned the word! She's adding words to the vocabulary DAILY! She's got "Bath, ball, down," and a few other new ones just this week. The other day she called the babysitter by name as well! I'm so excited about this stage in her life. Carter is growing like a weed. He goes back to the dr. for 2 month checkup/vaccines next week. I'm anxious to see how he's growing. He's been eating better, loves to smile, and it's interacting with us more and more....now..if only I could convince him that 4 AM isn't the best time for breakfast!!!!!!!
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