Monday, January 26, 2009

Maternity Clothes

So..I think it's time to make the official switch to maternity clothes! I know, I know that I haven't posted any pictures of my belly. I have only taken one a few weeks ago. I need to take some more and share. I have officially moved to the elastic waistband however. My clothes are too tight! :) And I'm happy about it! Amazing..only once in this lifetime! Anyway,my wonderful husband took me shopping for some new clothes last week. HELLO...who has the monopoly on these clothes that I'm going to wear for 7 months or less? If any of you have any suggestions on where I can get some good, used or cheap clearance maternity clothes-PLEASE share. I am a bargain shopper and can't believe that they cost so much! I do have to brag that I found some shorts at Kohl's for only $3.00..bought a couple of pairs. Again..please share where you would suggest shopping for those wonderful baby bump clothes!

Liliana is doing better..but still not well. I really think she's got a sore throat. She makes a very sad and painful face while she's eating and even a warm bottle didn't seem to make it better tonight. I think I'm calling the dr. in the morning to check and see what I can do. Keep praying for her. I hope we can knock this one down quick!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sick baby..

I'm home today with a sick baby :( . After discovering she had a temp of 102 on Wednesday night when we got home from church and our weekly Waffle House. I would have never known she was feeling bad if I hadn't have noticed she was BURNING up when I went to change her into her Pjs. After a visit to the dr. yesterday, she has a upper respiratory infection and ear infection. We talked about tubes in the ears ..again. If this ear infection doesn't kick over easily or if there is another one, we'll probably begin researching that option. Last night, she still had a temp, but seemed to begin feeling better. Today, she will play on the floor a little, but really just wants to sit and cuddle. I'm really not opposed to that in any way! :) What better way to spend my day. I just wish she felt better. :(

On the upside, Lil is OFFICIALLY crawling! She has figured out the whole forward motion (the correct more scooting!). It's so cute. One of the moments of mommyhood was definately when she crawled over to me when I called her! I have a video I will upload soon.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ray! Happy 8 Months!

Lil' is 8 months old!!! She's making her way around the room (if you want to call what she does crawling..she's crawling!) More like scooting--she'll crawl backwards, but usually not forward. We moved up to Stage 3 foods-and she's eating from the table more as well. Growing up so fast!

Liliana has a "new trick". She loves to squint and smile. Kevin and I have effectionately named it "The Ray Charles"! Tonight she started doing it on "Cue"-either by asking her to show us "Ray" or saying "Oww!" Here's a video of Kevin and Liliana's "Ray" face!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Splish Splash!

I know that I'm copying Jill but I couldn't help but add a picture of my cutey in the bath. I took these about a month ago, but never posted them!! She loves the bath and her rubber ducky!!

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Prego update..and "the reveal" story

Sorry I haven't updated...naps have been much more of a priority than updating lately so I'll try to make up for lost time. I'm twelve weeks along this week-end of the first trimester! Whoohoo! I'm very glad to make it past this milestone... In a way it makes the pregnancy feel more "real" I guess..if that makes since. I go to the dr. on Wed. so I will update with any info then!

A few have asked how we revealed the news to our parents (since we kept it a secret from Thanksgiving to Christmas..not an easy task!!). We made cards these cards for the family that we handed out when we did Christmas with each side. We did tell Kevin's parents a little early since we would be with a large part of the family at Christmas and wanted it to be a little more personal when we told them. We told my parents on Christmas eve, with my aunt, uncle, grandfather and brother. They were all very shocked and had such great responses.. like.."Who's ultrasound is that?!"...OH!!! OH!!! Oh!!! It's Gincy's! I see the name on the side! :) My personal favorite! Most of our family had kinda put it out of there mind that we would ever add to our family via the "regular" way and all were shocked!

I must say that I find this pregnancy a great opportunity to witness to people of God's grace and blessings he has for us. There are so many who say "I knew it would happen after you adopted." Folks--I have to voice my opinion somewhere so here goes.-- NO you didn't "KNOW"! Only God knows what he has planned for our lives and no one else has a clue! We did not choose adoption as a "second" choice-we chose adoption because we felt that God was leading us to do this. I feel like we followed God's plan and he continued to bless us with that plan through baby #2. This pregnancy is no different than the precious gift I have sitting behind me (screaming, laughing, and bouncing in her favorite jumper!). It's another blessing in God's great scheme. We are so excited about what God has in store for our lives..and I hope you are too!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

We've been blessed...again!!!!

As most of you know, Kevin and I, tried to concieve for several years before we felt led by God to adopt our wonderful daughter Liliana. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and to have the opportunity to experience the adoption emotionally straining as it can be. Well... God has done it again! :) I am happy to tell you that I am almost three months pregnant (11 weeks to be exact)!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited! We've kept it a secret until now because we wanted to suprise our families for Christmas. I am due August 1st (by the ultrasound predicition..and only a day or two before by my "calculations"). I'll write more later..but wanted to let everyone know (that didn't hear in the past few weeks!). Please keep us in your prayers for a healthy pregnancy.

Here's a picture of my first ultrasound...we got to hear the baby's heartbeat! That was incredible!

Friday, January 2, 2009


For so long, I have avoided adding more friends to my page..just because I was lazy. I would just go to one friend's sight and use their links from there! Well I took 5 minutes today and added some friends. If I haven't added you, please let me know your web address so that I can get you on that friends list! I'm happy to actually look like I have friends now! :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Liliana's First Christmas

We had an incredible Christmas with Liliana! On Christmas Eve, we went to church with Grandma and Grandpa (Gincy's parents), and then went back to Poppy's house for dinner and presents. Lil' loved all of her toys from Aunt Trude and Uncle Roger and Grandma and Grandpa- I think the puppy was her favorite there..but the tissue paper wrapping came in a close second! Mommy and Daddy especially like the new pink and brown car seat (it's a "big girl seat") from Grandma and Grandpa! On Christmas day, after seeing what Santa brought (a John Deere Animal Band, a Ball, Elmo, a stroller to push and learn to walk, and some other things Mommy can't remember write now!) we had breakfast/brunch with Gincy's family. After chilling at the house for a while, we left for Kevin's parents/family Christmas on Saturday morning. After brunch at Aunt Gail's we spent some time with Kevin's cousins and then we left for Kevin's grandparents house for dinner with more family. Liliana decided to explore at Grandaddy Brown's house-She crawled UNDER the couch!! It was hilarious! We left there and spent the night with Kevin's parents, Lala and Papa. We enjoyed going to church with Lala and Papa on Sunday and then lunch and presents with Kevin's parents, Aunt Gail, and Uncle Rob and Aunt Michelle, and cousin Addison. Liliana loved playing with her new toys, including Baby Elmo and the John Deere Shape Barn, and with Addison! We missed Kevin's brother because Wesley Jr. was very sick. As you can see, we had a WONDERFUL Christmas with all of our family. What a blessing it is to spend this Christmas with our wonderful daughter. A year ago, we could have never imagined how much God would bless us. Liliana is truly a gift that we could have never had without God's guidance and blessing. I hope that each of you had an equally wonderful and blessed Christmas!

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