Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Like Father, Like Children ...

This morning Carter noticed Kevin's cowboy hats hanging from our bed post. He had to try to it on. He also, just happened to have on overalls, which made for an adorable picture!!!!!!! (don't mind the mess!)

Of course, Liliana had to have a turn too!!
(Can you see the amount of dust on top of this hat...obviously hasn't been worn in a while!)

They are growing up so quickly!!! Liliana will be three in just a few months! We are looking at preschool programs to start her in! She is so smart and loves to learn so I know that she's going to have a blast at "big girl school".

Carter is growing like a weed too!! He's gained about 3 pounds since Christmas!!! He' s also getting taller! Since we've gotten control over his Acid Reflux, he's eating everything in sight! The little baby who would throw up at the site of vegetables stole green beans from my plate last night!!! He's talking quite a bit-most of which I can't understand.. but sometimes I get a few sentences here and there! His favorite song is the "Veggie-tales" song. He walks around the house singing "bom bom bom booooooommmmm... if you like to talk to tomatoes"... :)