Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's a Fiesta Shower!

All of our wonderful friends from Heritage threw us a "Fiesta Shower" (Thanks to Susan and Holli for heading this up). It was so much fun!! We used some of the gift cards to go get our bedding for the nursery so I've also included a "updated" picture of the nursery.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One Week ...Two Weeks...

Liliana is 2 weeks old! Wow.. We went to the doctor yesterday and she is doing great! She's gained NINE ounces in only 7 days...pretty good eating eh?! The dr. said this is very normal (1/2-2 ounces a day). When they say "babies grow up so fast".. they really mean it! Here are some one week and two week pictures!

And here's Liliana 9 ounces larger...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Showers of Blessing

The Pine Street Faculty and Staff threw our first shower today! It was so fun! The specials teachers made lots of cool goodies (delicious!). Darlene even made the dip shaped like a baby rattle!

There were so many nice things from cute outfits, monogrammed bags and burp clothes, and the essentials like diapers of course. I am so blessed to be working with some of the greatest and most supportive teachers. Here's another picture from the shower!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Goodbye Scott and Holli

We went to a cookout today to say Goodbye to some very dear friends, Scott and Holli. They are moving to Chicago (job transfer)! I wish them the best of luck and Kevin can't wait to go visit and see the "Big tractors!!" We'll miss you guys!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Meet Liliana

I know I said I'd post about the hospital experience, but decided to catch up on the weekend of guests that stopped by to see Liliana instead! The hospital involved a lot of sleep and getting to know Liliana and D. (Her birthmother), but not much to write about here I guess. Most of that information is much too personal to share here, but I look forward to journaling about so that Liliana has a better understanding of her adoption.

This weekend, we had so many people stop by and see our new addition. Thank you all for your gifts and well wishes. All of them were so cute. Here are a few pictures. One of my favorite gifts of the weekend was from Nikki and Brian (some friends that are also adopting). They brought Liliana some sunglasses and we had the BEST time trying them on her! What do you think? She's so cute!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

In God's Time....

I thought I might take some time to document our daughter's birth. When we orginially got the call, we thought Liliana would come during the week of May 5th. I had our end of the year musical scheduled for May 13th. I began making preparations for others to be there for me in case I got the call. I really expected not to be able to see Cinderella happen after months of work, which I was a little sad about I must say. Well, the week went by and Liliana had not made an appearance. After talking to D. on Monday, she said that the dr. said she would be going into full labor very soon. I was on pins and needles on Tuesday (the day of the Cinderella performances). After the two morning performances I was sure I would get the call very soon and not make it to the evening performance. However, the day went on and still no call. We performed the show at 6:30, finished up and headed to Frontera to eat. There were 15 of us together when we went to eat. After the mariachi band played for us, someone made the comment that it was so quiet after they left. I immeadiately thought that I might have missed a call. Sure enough--D. had called during the "fiesta" music! Cinderella was done and our fairy tale was about to begin... Wow... there is not a day that goes by that God doesn't remind us that our lives are on his time, not our own-and his time is always perfect!

I'll write more tomorrow about the hospital experience. It was awesome!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kevin and I just got home from the hospital with our new daughter! I hope to keep up with this to document her birth, adoption, and development.
She is absolutely wonderful and we are soooo excited about being parents!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh Baby?!?!

Well, I'm lousy at this journaling-but hopefully I can get better very soon! On Monday, April 28, 2008 we got a call from the adoption agency that a mother had chosen us to be parents of her baby. Wow...what an incredible honor. Our counselor explained to us that D. had chosen us, and then she gave us the even more fun news-- The baby was due May 5, 2008-only seven days from that day!!! Another wow... Well, after an incredibly roller coaster of a week, we got to meet with D. on Friday (May 2). She is a incredible (i know..I used that word at least 3 times already..) woman. There are no words that can express what you feel when you meet the person that will possibly make you a mother. After a wonderful meeting with D. we were very excited about the baby on the way. On Wednesday (May 7), we still hadn't heard from D. -so I gave her a call. Still no baby... She explained that she has an dr. appt. on Monday (May 12) and if the baby hasn't made an appearance by then, they will schedule for her to be induced. We scheduled another meeting for this past Friday. D. brought pictures of her other 2 children for us to see!! That was awesome and they are sooo cute! I sit, having time to type all this because there is still no baby... and I just wait on the phone to ring. Tomorrow is Mother's day-what a hard day.... although Friday D. said " I hope the baby comes on Mother's day...just for you".. WOW..... again, I say, she is an awesome, incredible woman.

oh... I guess I should share this (i know...the part you're dying to know ...) IT'S a GIRL!!! "LiliAna Grace" will be here any day now and we can't wait....