Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Carrots ...Yummy!!!

Lil' tried carrots for the first time today! She LOVES them! they are a little more messy than cereal, but so fun! Kevin even tried his hand at feeding her. The most exciting part of dinner tonight though, was that Lil' sat in her High Chair for the first time! (with a little help from some towels to prop her up!) Now... we just need to go buy some spot cleaner in bulk and we'll be set with the feeding!
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Jillian said...


Gincy said...

just wait jill!

willnsavannahsmom said...

What a beauty! We are so happy for you guys, she is such a doll. Savannah loved carrots too although I think her favorite veg was squash...I liked it better too, it wasn't as runny! Love all the great pictures can't wait to see more!