Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy 5 months!!

First, I apologize for not updating...life has been busy lately.

Liliana is FIVE months old today!!! Wow... She's getting so big..At the last Dr. visit (beginning of October) she weighed 15.2 pounds and is about 26' long!

I tried to compile a list of things she's done since I last updated....

--She's rolling over quite well...when she wants too that is...
--She's using her high chair all the time AND we have used the high chair when we were out to eat several times.
-- She sat in a buggy (shopping cart for those of you in areas other than the south) all by herself..well, with some help from a large package of wipes, so she didn't fall to the right...her favorite side to lean to I guess?!?
-- She TALKS..all the time!! It's really funny..she's been so quiet..but now she'll just start babbling on and on..and wants a response I must say!
--Along with the voice, has come some whining. For those who know Liliana well, you know that she just doesn't whine or cry usually..well, she's started whining a little--but if you look at her it turns into a laugh instantly...so funny!! :0
--We got to visit Kevin's family this past week and my grandfather. I'll try to post some more pictures of that soon.
--Wesley Jr. also came over to play! And, as you'll see from the picture..Liliana wasn't a very nice host! Well, she really was..but I caught this hilarious picture of her that looked like she was punching him! They both looked at each other and laughed quite a bit.. too cute!
-- We also had a visit with D., Liliana's birthmother, that was incredible. It was so great to see her and visit. Liliana laughed and smiled with her during lunch...it was precious and so important for D. and Lil'!
-- Lil' is eating...carrots, sweet potatoes (much to her father's dismay), and green peas (ugh!). Her favorite is most definitely carrots! She will eat them up in a heartbeat. Peas were not her fav. for the first few days, but she'll get them down now! She refuses rice cereal, but loves oatmeal!

That's probably about it for now. Happy 5 months to Liliana Grace!
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NatalieDeltaGam said...

oh gincy, i'm so happy that you are letting her birth mother be a part of her life. it really almost made me cry reading that. it will be such a blessing for all three of you i know. i only wish i could have had the same experience growing up.