Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mommy's Must Haves...A Takeoff

So, my friend "The Pink Chick" Jennifer has a "Favorite Things" that she does each Monday on her blog. I love to come and check on Monday to see what she's highlighted each week. I'd like to steal her idea and blog on "Mommy's Favorite Things". Occasionally there are items that I find to be "Mommy Must Have's". Tonight, I found one of my new favorites!

Gerber Finger Foods "Biter Biscuits"--I've been trying to find Liliana something that she can eat while we are eating dinner. I am a big proponent of the "family dinner", however, with our little one this really has been a challenge. I couldn't figure out how to feed her and eat at the same time (great weight loss plan if I stuck to it by the way!). So, now I can feed her before our dinner and she can eat a "biter biscuit" during dinner! She LOVED them. We were finished eating and I was cleaning the table so I took what was left of her biscuit to throw it away and she was furious! I gave it back to her and she just laughed and put it back into her mouth. The only "con" I have to these is that they make a MESS. There was a serious amount of this biscuit on her bib, but they are a new must have in the Moon house! I'll be on the lookout for the next "Mommy Must Have".


The Pink Chick said...

I love the new segment that you have started! Thanks for the mention!

willnsavannahsmom said...

Hi Gincy! I never leave home without Gerber's Lil Crunchers. They're like cheetos for babies, and Savannah LOVES them! I can grocery shop as long as I need to, we can have a slow waitress when we go out to eat, anything, as long as we have those!

Love your blog I check it daily. It's great getting to watch Liliana grow up, she's so beautiful. The pic with her and Wes Jr was too cute!