Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crawling into 8

Well, Carter turned 8 months old last week (sorry..a little behind because he was sick and pictures didn't look quite "up to par" ) and he's all over the place. He LOVES to crawl after his sister throughout the entire house. Liliana will get down and crawl with him and they will laugh and laugh at one another. (you can see her chasing him in the back of this picture). He's eating puffs and cheerios and drinks from a sippy cup, says mama and daddy and waves (although it's not always at the right time yet!) OH..and he's pulling up on EVERYTHING! He loves to crawl to the bathtub and pull up and just stare into the tub-I guess it's just the right height for him?! :) Gotta love those big blue eyes!
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