Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday

Behind as usual, but I'm going to be updating the blog in the next few days! Quiet afternoons after Vacation Bible School have made this possible!!! Here are some pictures from Liliana's Third Birthday! We had a "Ladybug" theme! She was very excited about having "THREE" ladybugs! Mom did a great job on her cake! We got a bouncer (also a birthday request!) and everyone had a blast! Can't believe that my sweet baby is already three years old! At her check up, she is still growing very tall for her age (80% percentile) and her weight (33 pounds I think..) is about 50% for her age. She is talking much much much clearer everyday, and her vocabulary amazes me! Her favorite phrases (most of which are copied from me! Yikes!): "Here's the Deal", "Mom, the problem is...", " He's probably over there" (adds probably to everything...)... and many more!

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