Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Laughter

On Labor Day, Kevin and I, Liliana, Carter, and my parents, all ventured out to the Yellow River Game Ranch ! (YES, we totally stole the idea from Jill and Aaron...hope she doesn't mind!). We had a great time. Liliana was running everywhere and giggled every time she fed an animal. Carter enjoyed the visit also--all tucked away in the sling! It was a great day of family fun! Oh...and yes, Kevin tried to get Liliana to "ride the pig"--see the left middle picture.. (which I'm SURE was against the rules!). He did NOT like that at all--but couldn't exactly run away because he was entirely TOO fat to go anywhere. It was quite hilarious!
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Jill said...

I totally don't mind at all. Glad you guys had a good time.