Thursday, September 17, 2009

We're Swingin!

Liliana LOVES to crawl up into Carter's swing. This past weekend I went to put Carter down in the swing and Liliana wouldn't get out. So... I did like all mother's would-and asked her to share! LOL!! It was too cute so I had to grab the camera! Here are a few pictures from their "swing" together! Liliana is SO good with her little brother! Carter is getting used to her as well. There are some times I think he rolls his eyes at her when she comes to "see"him and kiss him, play with him, etc. I can't believe it but this week Liliana turns 16 months old and Carter turns 2 months old! It's so crazy how fast time flies.

Sunday night we enjoyed dinner with Jill, Aaron, and Levi. Levi and Liliana were HILARIOUS together! Levi had learned "bellybutton" and Liliana would pull up her shirt (Much to daddy's dislike) and let him show it too her. Now (thanks Levi!) Liliana "looks" for everyone's bellybutton and has also learned the word! She's adding words to the vocabulary DAILY! She's got "Bath, ball, down," and a few other new ones just this week. The other day she called the babysitter by name as well! I'm so excited about this stage in her life. Carter is growing like a weed. He goes back to the dr. for 2 month checkup/vaccines next week. I'm anxious to see how he's growing. He's been eating better, loves to smile, and it's interacting with us more and only I could convince him that 4 AM isn't the best time for breakfast!!!!!!!
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The Lockett Family said...

So cute! The swing pics crack me up!!

Jill said...

Love the picks, and once again tell Kevin we are sorry for Levi teaching her to pull her shirt up. He can kill us if she is still doing it at 15.

Khrystle said...

I think Carter is starting to look like his Mommy!