Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas..part 1

On Christmas Eve, we visited my Grandfather's house and enjoyed dinner and presents with my side of the family. As you can see, we had a blast. Liliana is usually a little weary of my Grandfather (Poppy), but she's getting so much better about letting him hold her. I guess it's just because she's not around him much, but she did great on Christmas Eve. He did have to "lure" her in a little though with a "Sucker Tree". She loved the suckers so much she even shared with the stuffed Santa! She loved opening presents and wearing my presents (see picture with a hat and scarf on her head!). Carter racked up on some baby food/formula (YEah!!!!) and mom started both the kids with a "Collection" that she could add to each Christmas. Carter will carry on somewhat of a family tradition with a nutcracker collection and mom couldn't decide on Liliana's so she gave her both an angel and snowglobe. She so was sweet with the angel. She looked at it, looked at the manger scene that was set up nearby and went and sat it in the middle of the manger scene...wow...

More pictures to come from Christmas morning and Kevin's side of the family!
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