Monday, December 28, 2009

The Wonder of Christmas

Yes, I'm a little behind on the blogging..but don't worry, I'm planning on catching you up right now!

This Christmas has been one of the most fun ever for us! God has blessed us with two beautiful, healthy children. I can't think of how life could be any better! We have a home, wonderful family and friends, and children to share life with. Each day I'm reminded to lay our lives into God's hands and he will continue to bless us in his plan! During this season of Christmas we reflect on the gift that God has given us through his son! The wonder of Christmas through the birth of Jesus Christ has been even more evident to me this year. Just little things--like how on earth did Mary ride on a donkey 9 months pregnant--I couldn't even walk, let alone get myself onto a donkey and ride for such a long time! :) While that is pretty funny--it's only a small part of the large miracle of Christmas! I love nothing more than to see that wonder through my children's eyes... I hope God has and will bless you and your family throughout this season of love!

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