Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Need to Update!

I'm such a slacker..well, not really. I have come here to update several times and then I think- OH.. I still need to upload those pictures for the blog. So, I'm posting with no pictures! :) Things that have been going on lately:
  • Liliana's almost TWO!! Only 1.5 weeks to go! I can't believe it! Where did my little girl go! She's at such a fun age! Love it! Her language skills are developing so much each day. She'll throw out sentences and sometimes I have NO clue what she's saying but most of the time I'm like "how in the world did she know that?!!?"
  • Carter is 9.5 months- This Sunday he woke up from his nap with a 104 temp. YIKES! Mommy was more than a little concerned. After several phone calls, we headed to an after hours pediatritian to find out that he has Croup. It's a nasty cough. The fever seems to be gone--but baby Carter has not been a happy camper lately!
  • Only 20 days (18 student days and 2 post planning) until I'm a "Summer Stay at Home Mommy"! I can't wait! :) I love hanging out with the kids and getting to spend time with them. I hope we can take a few day trips to the zoo, museums, etc this summer as well as our vaca to the beach (which we're PRAYING that there won't be oil everywhere!)
  • Our friends Holli and Scott are expecting!!! I can't tell you how excited I am for them. I know that their road to parenthood hasn't been smooth but the blessings are on their way!!! :)
  • Did I mention Vacation was in less than a month! ?!!?!?
  • Carter's "Cruising" everywhere and I expect him to walk soon! He doesn't like to walk though--he'll stand up, move over a little and then drop down and crawl at incredible speeds to wherever he wants to go. He's still in the "I'd rather just crawl " state!
  • Okay.. guess that's about it! I promise to stay in touch more often! :)

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Holli said...

:) Thanks for the blog shout-out! Y'all (or as Liliana would say, "You Guys") have been such great friends along our journey! So excited to hear of your little ones' milestones, and praying for a quick recovery for Carter!