Thursday, January 1, 2009

Liliana's First Christmas

We had an incredible Christmas with Liliana! On Christmas Eve, we went to church with Grandma and Grandpa (Gincy's parents), and then went back to Poppy's house for dinner and presents. Lil' loved all of her toys from Aunt Trude and Uncle Roger and Grandma and Grandpa- I think the puppy was her favorite there..but the tissue paper wrapping came in a close second! Mommy and Daddy especially like the new pink and brown car seat (it's a "big girl seat") from Grandma and Grandpa! On Christmas day, after seeing what Santa brought (a John Deere Animal Band, a Ball, Elmo, a stroller to push and learn to walk, and some other things Mommy can't remember write now!) we had breakfast/brunch with Gincy's family. After chilling at the house for a while, we left for Kevin's parents/family Christmas on Saturday morning. After brunch at Aunt Gail's we spent some time with Kevin's cousins and then we left for Kevin's grandparents house for dinner with more family. Liliana decided to explore at Grandaddy Brown's house-She crawled UNDER the couch!! It was hilarious! We left there and spent the night with Kevin's parents, Lala and Papa. We enjoyed going to church with Lala and Papa on Sunday and then lunch and presents with Kevin's parents, Aunt Gail, and Uncle Rob and Aunt Michelle, and cousin Addison. Liliana loved playing with her new toys, including Baby Elmo and the John Deere Shape Barn, and with Addison! We missed Kevin's brother because Wesley Jr. was very sick. As you can see, we had a WONDERFUL Christmas with all of our family. What a blessing it is to spend this Christmas with our wonderful daughter. A year ago, we could have never imagined how much God would bless us. Liliana is truly a gift that we could have never had without God's guidance and blessing. I hope that each of you had an equally wonderful and blessed Christmas!

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The Smiths said...

I am glad to hear that your first Christmas with Lil' was a great one. Next year will be just as much fun because she will figure out how to open presents and want to open everyone's!

I hope your New Year was great too!