Friday, January 23, 2009

Sick baby..

I'm home today with a sick baby :( . After discovering she had a temp of 102 on Wednesday night when we got home from church and our weekly Waffle House. I would have never known she was feeling bad if I hadn't have noticed she was BURNING up when I went to change her into her Pjs. After a visit to the dr. yesterday, she has a upper respiratory infection and ear infection. We talked about tubes in the ears ..again. If this ear infection doesn't kick over easily or if there is another one, we'll probably begin researching that option. Last night, she still had a temp, but seemed to begin feeling better. Today, she will play on the floor a little, but really just wants to sit and cuddle. I'm really not opposed to that in any way! :) What better way to spend my day. I just wish she felt better. :(

On the upside, Lil is OFFICIALLY crawling! She has figured out the whole forward motion (the correct more scooting!). It's so cute. One of the moments of mommyhood was definately when she crawled over to me when I called her! I have a video I will upload soon.


Jill said...

Hope she feels better soon, and I hope the little one does have to get tubes.

NatalieDeltaGam said...

i had tubes twice at 14 months and 20 months. get well soon, little one!