Monday, January 26, 2009

Maternity Clothes

So..I think it's time to make the official switch to maternity clothes! I know, I know that I haven't posted any pictures of my belly. I have only taken one a few weeks ago. I need to take some more and share. I have officially moved to the elastic waistband however. My clothes are too tight! :) And I'm happy about it! Amazing..only once in this lifetime! Anyway,my wonderful husband took me shopping for some new clothes last week. HELLO...who has the monopoly on these clothes that I'm going to wear for 7 months or less? If any of you have any suggestions on where I can get some good, used or cheap clearance maternity clothes-PLEASE share. I am a bargain shopper and can't believe that they cost so much! I do have to brag that I found some shorts at Kohl's for only $3.00..bought a couple of pairs. Again..please share where you would suggest shopping for those wonderful baby bump clothes!

Liliana is doing better..but still not well. I really think she's got a sore throat. She makes a very sad and painful face while she's eating and even a warm bottle didn't seem to make it better tonight. I think I'm calling the dr. in the morning to check and see what I can do. Keep praying for her. I hope we can knock this one down quick!


The Smiths said...

Motherhood Maternity usually has great sales. Also check out websites...,, etc. Sometimes you can get from great bargains on "out of season" stuff. I LOVED Motherhood Maternity not only because of the prices but because you wear the same size that you would usually wear - so I didn't feel like a cow!

Khrystle said...

Please don't ever pay full price for maternity clothes! They are such a rip-off. Target always has stuff on clearance but it is usually mixed in with regular clothes so you have to do a little digging but its worth it when you find shirts for 2 and 3 dollars. Burlington is also a good place, believe it or not (plus they have the awesome Baby Depot!) I got about 4 pairs of shorts there last summer for 99 cents each!! Also Ross is a good place to go. They don't have a huge selection but they always have good prices. My best advice is to shop frequently and buy as you grow.

I hope Liliana feels better quick.

Jill said...

I listed some places below, but I would suggest getting things you can mix and match easy so you don't have to buy too many.

I love Motherhood Maternity also. I didn't think their prices were too bad, especially on nursing bras and such.

I bought an awesome dress at Kidz to Kidz consignment shop in Conyers (near movie theater). They have maternity clothes, but it's just what is donated, so you'll have to check whether they have anything in your size. They do have a dressing room where you can try things on. Sprouts at Honey Creek may have stuff too, but I've never been there.

I bought a belly band to I could wear my pre-pregnancy clothes longer. I like it.

I'd also try Target like Khrystle suggested.

The Smiths said...

OOH yeah - one of the tricks I used on my jeans... loop a ponytail holder through the opening for the button on your jeans and then around the button. It allows your regular jeans to expand for a few weeks longer.

Jennifer Eoff said...

I used the belly band like Jill suggested so I could keep wearing my regular clothes longer. I got my maternity jeans from Old Navy & a few tops from Ross. Mostly, I kept wearing my regular tops (Old Navy tops work best). I bought empire waist dresses from Target that were "free flowing" from the bust down so I was able to wear regular dresses my entire pregnancy & I can still wear them now so I don't feel like I wasted my money.

Gincy said...

So I've debated the "belly Band"... another one of my friends (whose the same size as me if that matters..) said that it hurt her back to wear it-and she decided not to use hers during the second pregnancy. I read some of the same thing online with people "rating" it on Motherhood or some website. If you used one, were you comfortable with it??

NatalieDeltaGam said...

i couldn't find anything in stores--it was all so poorly made!! (i was not a fan of motherhood maternity or destination maternity)
i love and's where i got all my clothes. i would just go straight to the sale items and even at the gap i would never pay more than $20 for pants and usually it was more like $10. i got so many cute clothes that i was sad when i went on bedrest b/c i couldn't show them off! haha